Not all physical therapy clinics are the same.

As the community leaders in spine rehabilitation and health, Alpine Physical Therapy is proud to offer MedX based exercise to our wide range of advanced treatments.

Strength. Stability. Flexibility. Endurance. The Core Spinal Fitness System by MedX is the medically based rehab system that delivers these four factors essential to spinal health. A strong and flexible core provides a sound foundation for all body strength.


What is MedX?

Thoroughly researched in over 40 clinical studies, MedX based spine strengthening exercise therapy has been proven to relieve pain, restore function and reduce the need for further intervention for the sub acute and chronic back pain patient. The key is biomechanical precision and an effective pelvic restraint system that keeps the gluteus and hamstring muscles from interfering with targeted spinal extensors (erector spinae and multifidis). By not allowing for these compensations the patient is able to regain lost strength and move properly again.

Your therapist will perform a comprehensive evaluation during your first visit to determine if you are a candidate for MedX rehabilitation. The state of the art medical rehab unit allows for computer based assessment of range of motion, strength and endurance of the lumbar spine. Through this initial assessment, we are able to determine potential weak points as they relate to your range of motion. The precise measurements allow for us to compare your data as it relates to established norms.

Chronic low back pain is often associated with weakness and atrophy of spinal musculature. This occurs following the acute injury and through activity avoidance. Because of pain, people often avoid using their backs resulting in deconditioning of the supporting musculature. Our bodies are able to compensate by using different movement patterns and muscle recruitment to perform activity keeping our spinal musculature in a weakened state. Isolation and targeted recruitment are the most effective to regaining strength. Med X will help.

Based on your initial testing a progressive strengthening program is developed to isolate and strengthen the weakened area via isolation of lumbar extensors. Slow increase of intensity is performed to allow patients to adapt gradually to the exercise sessions. Through progressive loading you will be able to achieve strength levels that emphasize power and fatigue. Some degree of delayed muscle soreness usually induced initially (and normal). Your therapist will safely guide you in what to expect and how to manage symptoms.